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The village of Zermatt


A small mountain village but also a world-class resort, Zermatt has many facets.

If you visit us in low-season, which ranges between end of April to mid-June and end of October to mid-December, you will find a small sleepy village with about 5’000 locals, surrounded by a quiet beautiful nature, where the bells of the blacknose sheep on the meadows around the village are the only perceivable noise.

But if you were to visit us in winter high season, especially during its peak on Christmas - New Year’s week, you will discover a world-class resort, with around 30’000 visitors.

Correspondingly during this time, there are a lot of parties, and happenings going on, and we strongly recommend making all your table bookings well in advance.

AdditionAl Information

What stays the same the whole year round is that Zermatt is absolutely car-free. Even the ski busses are electrical, and the surrounding mountains protect us from pollution and smog from nearby cities, therefore the air is probably the purest you have ever tasted.

While strolling the walkways of the Matterhorn-village, you will discover a few selected souvenir boutiques, next to old chalets that have been there for hundreds of years providing an insight into the tradition-rich lives of the mountain people in symbioses with the modern ways of a world-renowned resort.

We are looking forward to welcoming you at the magical place!



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