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Access to the swimming pool (16 x 8m / 27°C, which is equipped with a counter current and massage jets), is via the underground passage.
absolutely a highlight. You can enjoy relaxing on the Zermatt stove bench or lying on a scented spelt chaff mattress on hot stones (with towel only!). Soothing warmth radiates out and envelops the body at a gentle 42 degrees with low humidity, warming it all the way through... After 15 minutes, the healthy sweating starts and you are ready to enjoy the sauna and steam bath.
After a refreshing shower, visit this classical sauna, producing a dry heat of more than 90C. Larch and pine needle aromas are released when water is added and this contributes to the feeling of well-being, for about 10-15 minutes, sitting on your bath towel. Afterwards, enjoy under open sky a refreshing full-force and whole body shower add to the cooling effect in the Outdoor Atrium.
Outdoor - Atrium with its raindance sprinklers and side prickle shower will stimulate your body. Refreshment with the spring water directly from the mountains
(48C warm with approx. 75% humidity) this steam from mountains flowers helps you to breathe deeply, the pores are opened and the skin is gently cleansed.
The relaxation room containing large, temperate water beds with headphones and a unique atmosphere await you (always using in bathrobe only)...
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